Reaching K with storm names

Although I knew the first weekend’s weather probably wouldn’t last, I didn’t expect it to be quite as bad as it was. I think there were probably four good days out of five weeks, the rest I spent mostly sitting in the hut hoping it wouldn’t blow over. As you probably know, storm names start at A and work their way through the alphabet. By Christmas eve, it had reached Storm Katie. I think this was a first for Ireland.


On the good days it was great. I got used to the process and started to really enjoy what I was doing. I slowly began to be able to chat to people and cook the omelettes at the same time, which although doesn’t sound hard, is quite challenging! I met some great people and the feedback I was getting was so encouraging. People who never liked omelettes were having their perceptions changed and omelette connoisseurs were praising them. I even met a food consultant who said it had success written all over it – I couldn’t contain my excitement on that one!! The support continued week after week with people you wouldn’t expect turning up to try it out. I was, and still am, so thankful for all the encouragement and well wishes.


The highlight of the market was having Rob and Dave Kearney down (family connections and big supporters of Cracked). They tried a few omelettes, took a few pics and did an omelette challenge for a video which was hilarious. They were great and it got a lot of people talking, plus my instagram account began to look at look healthier 🙂

Because the location was not somewhere you would pass by and you needed to actually decide to go there, I felt the event organisers could have done a lot more to get people up there. Santa, a Christmas tree or any number of things like that would have been easy wins. I pushed them as much as I could but as people do when they don’t want to try, they put up barrier after barrier.


The chilli chutney I was serving with all the omelettes was going down really well so I started bottling it and it began to take off as a product in it’s own right. I sold a lot of them over the period as Christmas gifts etc and began selling into shops in Dalkey. This kept the pennies ticking over when the weather was so bad no one left the house. A random guy actually came down to the market for a jar and said he had heard about it on twitter! Another moment I seriously cherished.


A friend of mine runs Bread and Bones restaurant on Millenium Walkway and one of their aims was to branch out with pop-ups to make the most of the great space they have. He asked me if I’d be interested in doing pop-up breakfasts/brunch there starting in January and I was over the moon. I definitely think it was this that kept me going throughout Desmond and the other storms trying to destroy us before we got started.


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