About the idea

Why eggs?

It’s hard to describe the way we feel about eggs, they’re like superheroes to us. We feel safe with them, knowing they will always be there packed full of their goodness and flavour, ready to fulfil their destiny. No matter how many times they are beaten down, they rise to the top with their soldiers beside them.

Cartoon for vinyl cropped

To us, this superfood has a personality and it’s like this: small but mighty, humble, underestimated and energetic. Superegg is healthy, gluten free, full of protein and sometimes paleo. He’s also comforting and reliable, reminding us that the simple things in life are the best.

What are we really at?

We’re taking this brilliantly versatile superfood and making it the base of our offering to you. Eggs the main ingredient in everything we sell, all free range, locally sourced and freshly cooked. We’re starting our menu with gourmet omelettes and frittatas because we felt they hadn’t reached their potential in anything we’d tasted. We promise you, our omelettes will be like nothing you’ve had before. Look out for us ‘popping up’ around Dublin.


Why the name CRACKED?

It’s simple but powerful, just like them. Apart from the obvious, we also love the different meanings it has to us;

  • Cracked about eggs (see above)
  • Cracked in the head to open a food business – tick
  • Irish ‘Crack’ – nothing better. Don’t be surprised if you see the odd egg pun or two, we can’t help it!

We’d also just like to say how happy we are the things that were said about eggs contributing to increased cholesterol have been dispelled. That was not a good time for us.

About Emily

I am passionate about food, branding and unique concepts. I have a background in marketing and had the idea of setting up an omelette bar after I took redundancy from Paddy Power in September 2015.

I’m writing about it because I want to share my honest experiences about setting up a business from the very beginning and the emotional highs and lows along the way.

Read more about my experiences at cracked.ie/category/start-up-experiences/


2 thoughts on “About the idea”

    1. Hi there, we’re in the Dun Laoghaire Christmas market at the moment, open Sat and Sun 10-6 and Fridays 5.30-8.30. We’ll also be doing a pop up in Bread & Bones restaurant (Millenium Walkway) in the New Year. Thanks and hope to see you soon 🙂


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